Sapphire Typical Applications


Anti-scratch and shock protection

     Harder than sapphire - only diamond. So put a scratch on the surface of the sapphire can only diamond, the hardest substance in nature. Sapphire can not scratch any other hard material: steel, tungsten, ceramic or anything else.

  1. Protective glass lens cameras and camcorders.
  2. Glass watch.
  3. Cover all possible displays: smartphones, scanners, multi-touch displays
  4. Screens scanners and devices operating in aggressive abrasive medium.
  5. Screen Camera drone missiles.
  6. Transparent screens helicopters and planes.
  7. Bulletproof transparent screens.



Sapphire is one of the hardest materials on earth: It measures 9 on the Mohs scale, (Mohs is a system for rating the relative hardness of various materials. Diamond measures 10, the highest rating.)

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