Sapphire windows from KLIVER

sapphire single-crystal ribbons 4,5_45_350mm in block 6-pcs
     Science & Production Association "Kliver" specializes in the growing and processing of monocrystalline sapphire Stepanov method.
     Sapphire is grown in our own workshop. The crystals are in the form of ribbons. The thickness, width and length of the ribbons is given by the customer. Then these ribbons to be cut to necessary length and billet polished.
     Our Company produces and supplies a wide range of Sapphire semi-finished /blanks and completely finished products as well.
       We offer Sapphire crystals the following dimensions:
  • thickness   from 0.5 mm to 8 mm;
  • width         from 10 mm to 80 mm;
  • length        up to 355 mm;
  • C-plane orientation of sapphire windows are available;
  • thickness tolerance:     +/-0.02 mm;
  • dimensions tolerance:  +/-0.05 mm;
     Sapphire is an optimal material for high-performance applications due to its hardness and strength, abrasion resistance, transparency in the visible and infrared spectrum, thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, high melting point and chemical inertness.
     It is ideally suited for protective windows in extreme environments where material durability is just as important as optical clarity.
Different configurations of Sapphire windows:

•Square Sapphire windows;
•Circle Sapphire windows (classic example: Watch glass);
•Rectangular Sapphire window (Chamfered);
•Any other form according to customer.
It is also possible to put the raw is not polished sapphire ribbons.

typical Applications for our sapphire windows

sapphire single-crystal ribbons on microscopeResearch sapphire single-crystal on polariscope



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